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Uniting Around Our Common Heritage

The Torah Life Center was established in 1996, in the heart of the Washington Metro area, as an educational forum, dedicated to helping Jews of every type of belief explore their heritage and grow in Jewish understanding, both intellectually and spiritually. Torah Life Center programs are either free or have a modest suggested donation. The Torah Life Center has been directed by Shoshanna Tita since its inception.

Although it is a relatively new organization, Torah Life Center has already made a strong impact on the Jewish community in the Washington, DC area and on the Jewish communities in the cities  where the organization has established satellite centers.

What sets the Torah Life Center apart from all other Jewish organizations is its inclusive appeal. People at opposite poles of opinion and belief are able to enjoy a rare and special commonality at Torah Life Center programs, a commonality which is usually not available or possible for them in other settings. This kind of inclusive dialogue  can only strengthen and  enhance the entire Jewish community.

Torah Life Center Programs

Weekly Lectures: The Center's weekly lectures for women on the Torah portion, consistently attract between 100 and 150 women.   Some have no connection to Judaism, other than attending the lectures.  Others are members of local Reform, Conservative and Orthodox congregations. Still others are strongly identified secular Jews. Yet all find in these classes something to learn, to enrich their lives as well as a special bond with each other.

Monthly Lecture Series: In 1998, Torah Life Center began a monthly lecture series, which also quickly became a local institution, with each new lecture eagerly awaited.

Shoshana Tita , director of Torah Life Center, appears on SHALOM , a TV program broadcast in 60 countries.


"Coming Home - The Story of the Anusim..."   by Shoshana Tita, from an article in The Jewish Advocate


Torah Life Center is the only organization which  brings outstanding internationally renowned scholars and lecturers to the Washington area, every single month.

We invite you to join us, whether in person, via phone, or email, in exploring Judaism, its world view, and its very personal  message for  each of us in the learning experience of a lifetime.


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The goal of Torah Life Center is to enlighten, educate and broaden understanding and spirituality of all Jews, no matter what their Jewish background or commitment may be. For more information call (301) 983-6975.


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